Ceres for Heal’s

Glide and Circuit are print designs exclusively for Heal’s. Glide is a vivid composition of shapes and colours inspired by summer picnics and sun-dappled shadows. Circuit is a bold design influenced by modern architecture in colours that bring the feeling of spring into the home.

The cushions are made of 100% linen sourced from Europe, and hand screen-printed with natural dyes.

The wall artwork is hand-screen printed onto Somerset satin paper using all-natural dyes derived from locally collected plants and bio-waste.

The cushions and wall art were designed in the heat of summer 2020; on the train, on picnics, in notebooks, by the seaside, and up in the hills.  Flo went to Brittany and along route was inspired by the Criss-crossing railway lines, and the block shapes of contemporary buildings. Lara caught the curving hills of Shropshire, stripy dresses in the park, and a shade-dappled chair.

Natural dyes have unique characteristics that result in subtle and graceful colour shifts. The season gathered, the juxtaposition of the colours, the composition of the material, all these add to their complexity. Each piece displays the relationship between dye, fabric, time, and the artist.

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