Song of dyeing

Colour of music, folksongs, and lyrics. Tales of lands discovered, and wars fought, colonialism, slavery, and high sea shenigans. There are dastardly ruffians, and disguised princes, ladies dressed as cabin boys, and a flock of fairy story charactors. The heritage of natural dyes, and the betrayal of the earth.

The chemical workers song, Demon Barbers.

Not about colour, but a lesson in avoidance of polluting substrates.

Mississippi Summer, June Tabor.

Dustbowl starvation in mid-west America of the 1930’s. The land leached of top-soil, billowing black clouds obliterating farmsteads, the ravages of misguided farming practices and severe drought.

Mood Indigo. Nina Simone

Duke Ellington’s jazz standard, “Mood Indigo,” states; “You ain’t never been blue, till you’ve had that mood Indigo.” The metaphorical equivalent of the deep, complex, intensity of indigo-blue dye.

Wade in the Water, Eva Cassidy

Colours and anthropological interpretations; a coded route for the enslaved to escape oppression, or a retelling of biblical stories.